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Fingerprint PadLock
Keys and passwords have been the most common types of locks. However, with growing popularity of biometric identification technology, biological features such as fingerprint and iris recognition have been used to lock and unlock devices and computers. A variety of fingerprint door locks have emerged in smart home applications. After its fingerprint USB flash drives received wide recognition, Topmore has been developing fingerprint devices that can be used in daily life. The newly developed fingerprint padlocks combined Topmore’s unique fingerprint identification technology and the characteristics of a padlock to provide customers with a convenient, easy-to-use, and highly secure locking solution.AMarvel-themed accessory for everyday useAfter the launch of the Captain America and Iron Man fingerprint USB flash drives, Topmore has launched three fingerprint padlocks in the form of Avengers characters. Thor is the next line-up superhero. Completely made of metal, each of the padlocks comes with a unique nameplate and has its own dedicated color scheme. They are not only the best choice for Marvel fans’ collections but also represent their distinctive personalities.▲ Three superhero characters, each with a unique nameplate▲ Streamlined design with a fingerprint sensor and an indicator on the back▲ On one side of the padlock there is a hole for charm straps at the bottom to provide higher portability▲ A micro USB charging portsituated on the other side of the padlock▲Iron Man▲Captain America▲ThorTopmore’s Marvel-themed fingerprint padlock is equipped with a 50mAH Lithium rechargeable battery which can be used up to 1200 times on one battery charge. That means if the padlock is unlocked four times a day, the battery can last for 10 months after one charge. In addition, the padlock is furnished with an IP54-rated casing which is water and dust resistant; therefore, you can rest assured that the padloc
TOPMORE Waveport Earphone
Built-in MicIPX7 High quality sound8G Built-in Memorywarranty
Waterproof Wireless Earphone
製作信息*一次性無線連接,接聽電話和聽音樂。無線連接,聽音質更方便。內置麥克風,用於免提通話,不需要中斷您的運動來接聽電話。* IPX7防水認證無線耳機具有IPX7防水認證; 你可以將耳機放入水中3英尺(1米)長30分鐘。人們可以輕鬆地穿著游泳和做各種運動。*持久播放持續時間,保持欣賞音樂內置鋰離子電池,持續約5小時內置8GB存儲卡,存儲您的音樂* 5種不同尺寸的耳機,適合您的耳朵有5種不同尺寸的耳機可以替代,以便更好地適應您的耳朵。*操作簡單的界面專為運動而設計,重量輕,包裝內有防水袋,便於攜帶,適合任何運動。

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Early summer of 2011, Topmore was founded during the time of low cost mass production therefore we decided to combined innovative ideas and the elements of designed fashion with products overturn the market situation. TOPMORE Technology possesses all-round capabilities in R&Dresearch and development, design,manufacturing, and marketing. It combined innovative aesthetics and professional capabilities with new innovations in USB drive and related fields. It also focuses on fingerprint identification pen drives, which are mainly used for security protection.
Topmore has established a unique brand position in the market. In addition, we has professional process technology and manufacturing equipment. We also made a commitment to protect the world by conducting a series of green energy work place.
In terms of market strategy, TOPMORE effectively integrates suppliers, distributors, system manufacturers, and retail markets to establish successful brand channels in the form of new ventures.TOPMORE products have expanded to worldwide, established office in GuaungDong, China, wherecustomers can easilypurchasethe products on Tmall, JoyBuyand otheronline platforms. In addition to Senao Chain store sells series of memory card products. In 2017, TOPMORE has obtained the authorization from Walt Disney Company’s Marvel Cinemas to co-work and developed Marvel series of products and successfully promoted the brand to the international market. In 2018, TOPMORE was invited to the 2018 MWC Exhibition in Spain to exhibitrepresentative goods in Taiwan with other cooperates together to win honors for Taiwan!
TOPMORE comes from “Top Technology More Advantage”. It means that there are always more to advance our products and ideas with our strong ID design and RD abilities. In the future, we areplanning to pursuemore innovative products and bring more positive and long-term influence to the world through the influence of the brand.


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